A definition of equity within the law

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What is Equity Law

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Equity (law)

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The legal definition of Equity is A branch of English law which developed hundreds of years ago when litigants would go to the King and complain of harsh or inflexible rules of common law which prevented "justice" from prevailing.

Equity's primacy in England was later enshrined in the Judicature Acts of the s, which also served to fuse the courts of equity and the common law (although emphatically not the systems themselves) into one unified court system.

Equity Definition:

The World Law Dictionary Project. The term equity is a pretty interesting Legal English term because it has meanings in different contexts within the Legal English world.

So we will be talking about that. there used to be courts of law and courts of equity.

A definition of equity within the law

Courts of law were where you went if you wanted to get money – damages, and. Equity.

Equity Definition:

In its broadest sense, equity is fairness. As a legal system, it is a body of law that addresses concerns that fall outside the jurisdiction of Common Law.

Equity is also. Law definition is - a binding custom or practice of a community: a rule of conduct or action prescribed or formally recognized as binding or enforced by a controlling authority. How to use law in a sentence.

The law delights in equity; it grasps at perfeccion; it is a rule of right. In fictione juris semper aequitas existit. In a fiction of law, equity is always present. Equitas sequitur legem. Equity follows the law. Lex respicit aequiiatem. The law regards equity. Ratio in jure aequitas inteera.

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A definition of equity within the law
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