Audible thermometer

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Includes an internal and external weatherproof sensor on a foot (3m) cord. Amazon has the Extech IRT25 Infrared Thermometer w/ Audible Alarm for $4. Free Shipping over $25 or with Amazon Prime. This sells for $8+ elsewhere, saving you about 40% off.

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Please note, this is an add-on item and requires a $25 minimum for purchase. Quickly take. Create an digital Thermometer that speaks in the language of your choosing.

It is fun because the Thermometer can be personalized for the person using it. Using a thermistor, we were able to calculate the degree in Celsius and play a corresponding audio file on an SD card. November - University Medical Centre Groningen Chooses TAT of Exergen Medical as Standard Thermometer Throughout The Hospital; May - A Rare Win for a Medical Testing Patent in Exergen Corporation v.

Kaz USA, Inc. Commercial quality stainless steel probe measures internal food temperature while roasting and features a 3', deg F (degree Fahrenheit) heat resistant cord, perfect for.

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Features indicator light, the Dreambaby thermometer flashes red when the water temperature is too hot and green when cold. Dreambaby brand has another product that takes the bath water temperature.

Dreambaby Bath Thermometer Fish, Aqua.

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AQUATOPIA Digital Audible .

Audible thermometer
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