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Business Law Tutorial

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The tutorials provided by The Digital Business Law Group, P.A. (DBLG) are intended to be basic overviews of complex topics for existing or aspiring Internet digital entrepreneurs.

They are obviously not intended to be legal advice. Please read our Terms. In our law online courses & video tutorials, we will take you through the diverse segments of laws. In order to bring about the right changes, it is extremely important to be.

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Law A trade mark is a distinctive word, a phrase, or a symbol used in commercial dealings to show a connection between a particular business and its product: Coca-Cola Co v All-Fect Distributors Ltd () 96 FCR Coca-Cola registered as a trade mark the shape of the contoured glass bottle If another business markets its products using a.

Federal, state, and local administrative agencies regulate virtually every as­pect of a business’s operation. Agencies’ rules, orders, and decisions make up the body of administrative law. How agencies function is the subject of this chapter.

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Business law tutorial
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