Extra credit assignment iardii essay

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This is an extra credit assignment. You could either

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Extra credit is unfair to students

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Extra credit assignment psych

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ecoleducorset-entrenous.comepublic2Jacksonian!Democracy2WestwardExpansion! History Extra Credit Assignment Essay History Extra Credit Assignment 1. First Opium War The First Anglo-Chinese War known popularly as the First Opium War was fought between the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland and the Qing Dynasty of China, with the aim of securing economic benefits from trade in China.

Dec 07,  · The following assignments can be completed to receive extra credit. They are NOT mandatory. All assignments are due by January 6, I will not accept them any later, as I will be entering grades for the next report card soon after that date.

Extra Credit Paper in Child Psychology (Spring ): Young Children’s Ability to Predict Their Recall You can add up to 4 percentage points to your average for the course by completing this extra credit assignment. with you the first day of class for extra credit on Essay 1.

revise€the first€Essay assignment.

Extra credit

The grades average together. The revision may or may not earn a higher grade. A revised essay must be substantially better because my expectations, of course,€are higher. The averaged grade for any essay may not be 90% or better.

This extra credit/recovery credit assignment is available for all students. Points will be added to your previous team project grade, for a maximum of points ((summative grade).

Extra Credit - Assignment Example

Write a page essay about your assigned alternative energy (all parts, not just what you were going to present).

Extra credit assignment iardii essay
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