Gothic literature

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What Is Gothic Literature?

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Gothic fiction

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Precursors[ edit ] The claws of Gothic literature did not only from nowhere into the mind of Urban Walpole. The human mind required a convenience.

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The plot of Gothic literature novels typically involves people who become involved in complex and oftentimes evil paranormal schemes, usually against an innocent and helpless heroine. One such example is the young Emily St.

Aubert in Anne Radcliffe’s classic Gothic. Elements of the gothic make a long list, and so do its literary genres: gothic novels or romances, horror films, thrillers, mysteries, film noir “goth” fashion and gothic rock or metal music ; Frequently today (and earlier) the gothic is spoofed or satirized as a formula: The Addams Family, Young Frankenstein, etc.

Today, Gothic literature has been replaced by ghost and horror stories, detective fiction, suspense and thriller novels, and other contemporary forms that emphasize mystery, shock, and sensation. While each of these types is (at least loosely) indebted to Gothic fiction, the Gothic genre was also appropriated and reworked by novelists and poets who, on the whole, cannot be strictly classified as Gothic writers.

gothic literature The English Gothic novel began with Horace Walpole's The Castle of Otranto (), which was enormously popular and quickly imitated by other novelists and soon became a.

The Irish have been involved in gothic literature since the very beginnings of the genre. Maturin was a writer of Gothic plays and novels during the early nineteenth century. Maturin was a resident of Dublin whose association with Gothic novels frequently interfered with his career as a clergyman.

Identify key vocabulary terms related to Gothic literature. Discuss important works from this genre, which exemplify its themes and other traits. Discuss Mary Shelley and the society in which she lived.

Gothic literature
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What Is Gothic Literature? (with pictures)