Lpn travel assignments

What is travel nursing?

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Current Travel Nursing Jobs

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Travel Nurse Jobs in Ohio

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OUR PEOPLE. Travel Nurse Across America provides the best personal service and our team of top-rated recruiters make sure your job search is smooth and you get the assignment that fits YOUR need. Sunbelt is searching for a Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) for a travel contract position in Charleston, WV.

If you are willing to travel and have at least one year of recent experience you are encouraged to apply for this opportunity.

I travel nursed as an LPN/LVN for 3 almost 4 years and yes it is possible and fun. The drawbacks are that you will have to go to major cities primarily and need a really strong clinical background. Check Out Our Current Job Openings. Our extensive list of positions for travel nurses and technicians is updated frequently.

We are pioneers in the global placement of psychiatric and corrections travel nurses, as well as CNAs, physical therapists, emergency room nurses, surgical specialists, and many more medical disciplines.

The VHA Interim Staffing Program’s Travel Nurse Corps (TNC) branch is an internal cadre of highly-trained Registered Nurses who provide temporary staffing assistance to VA health care facilities to support Veterans’ health care needs.

If you've decided travel nursing is right for you and wish to make one of the most unique states your next destination, Arizona is your prime choice.

Travel Nursing with Cross Country

Featuring awesome sightseeing spots, cool leisure locations, and lively shopping scenes, Arizona is one of the best places in the nation for travel assignments.

Lpn travel assignments
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