My first trip to india

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My first visit to India over the summer was a rewarding experience. Most people don’t have the chance to visit a foreign country and see their culture, but I got that chance. I had the opportunity to visit all my relatives for the first time and learning more about my culture and heritage.

Medical tourism in india.

My 10-Day India Itinerary: Delhi, Jaisalmer, Jodhpur, Jaipur & Agra

Latest medical technologies in Indian hospitals at a lower cost is majorly contributing towards the country emerging as the premier medical tourism hub of the world, said health experts on Wednesday. If you’re serious about having the trip of a lifetime, check out my India Guide ebook which is a complete guide to India and has 6 years of travel experience expertly organized to plan your trip from A to Z.

Read more about the book here. Apr 18,  · For first timer to India Delhi,Agra,Jaipur is good introduction. June is very hot say temp.

around 45 degree centigrade and dry weather. Monsoon. When this all started, I was already planning a trip to India with my friends at the advertisement agency.

We planned to go in time for the Holi festival. But then our gang fell apart, and the trip was canceled. My first trip to Pondicherry with a group of friends from Bengaluru, India. We went on a long weekend for revelry and debauchery.

Dubai Travel Guide for First Time Visitors!

Little did I know that this city would become a haven for numerous trips where Aurobindo, one of my teachers, would give me higher insight on Life and and a true guide in my .

My first trip to india
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First Visit to India