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Assignment 2 – Reflection

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The assignments separated in to two sections: the level three and the level four. The content is the same, the difference is in the word count (as in more for level four) and the tone of the questions.

Where level three asks you to “describe” something, level four asks you to “review” it. We go in to this more in Ptlls levels.

PTLLS Assignment 1 Review what your role, responsibilities and boundaries as a teacher would be in terms of the teaching/training cycle. This essay discusses the roles and responsibilities of the teacher in the lifelong learning and the boundaries of teaching in order to provide a supportive learning environment.

PTLLS Assignment - Assessment Methods Uploaded by AminderKNijjar Review a range of assessment methods available and explain 5/5(1). Theory assignment 1. T1 - Review your role, responsibilities and boundaries as a teacher in terms of the teaching/training cycle. Task Notes. To be able to complete this task you need to know what the stages of the teaching/training cycle are; what the scope of your role is or might be; what your responsibilities are and the boundaries which may.

Apr 09,  · Negatives: Colour – although not a big focus for this part, the stem was not correctly colour matched and the petals being a slightly lighter shade than I intended. I will strive to develop this in the next part of the course.

Theory assignment 7.

Ptlls assignments

T7 – Review a range of different assessment methods available and explain the ones you would use for your subject area.

Pattls assignments
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