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Admissions OPEN

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Education Law

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Records of prescriptions for materialistic substances shall be maintained bond to requirements of article thirty-three Pharm law the simultaneous health law.

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This Google translation feature is provided for informational purposes only; the Board of Pharmacy is unable to guarantee the accuracy of this translation. Please consult a professional translator for accuracy if you are using this site for official business.

Data request of original medicine. Dear Sir/Madam, According to law of the Republic of Armenia “On Medicinal products” article 16 point 15 it is necessary to. Seminole State’s Pharmacy Technician Applied Technology Diploma Program emphasizes the basic technical skills, theoretical concepts and clerical functions required to operate a pharmacy.

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Remote Dispensing Site Pharmacy – Use of Telepharmacy System; Medically Underserved Areas; Staffing; Transition to Full-Service Pharmacy Remote Dispensing Site Pharmacy – Distance from Supervising Pharmacy; Common Ownership; Staffing by Pharmacy Technician; Pharmacist-in.


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