Project trucks

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Project focusing on heavy-duty trucks is part of national effort to reduce vehicle fuel consumption

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Truck Project

Buy, sell, or trade your classic project, custom truck project, domestic, vintage or imported project car in classified listing. Check out all our project trucks. See the Storm Truck, Rocks The Ram, Beauty or the Beast, Denali & more custom pickup trucks.

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Photos, videos, & more. We have good selection of classic cars and truck from the 40's up to the 80's all in the project stage check out our site for your next classic car. our number Purdue University is leading part of a national effort to reduce vehicle fuel consumption by 20 percent through automated systems that interconnect cars and trucks and the transportation infrastructure using sensors and online cloud technology.

Last year we launched a project called “Food Trucks For Life” with two main goals. 1, to reduce emissions related to its operations by not selling diesel vehicles, investing in development of electric motors as well as Ford modern engine conversion, use renewable energy at our facilities and use recycled and returnable packaging solutions.

Miniature Building Authority, Inc. is raising funds for Modern 28mm Truck Project on Kickstarter! We will be manufacturing modern US Army and Marine Corps trucks .

Project trucks
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