Vlan assignment

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I need help setting up dynamic vlan assignment

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Jun 14,  · HI I'm trying to setup vlan assignment via wireless, have followed. Running on Certain devices and users can only go to certain vlans.


VLAN Configuration Fundamentals and Commands

we use an explicit Vlan (Vlan 33) which is used only for allocating the Vlan Id for AVA and is not used by the other data equipment. Compared to PacketFence's legacy modes of operation (ARP and DHCP) VLAN assignment effectively isolate your hosts at the OSI Layer2 meaning that it is the trickiest method to bypass and is the one which adapts best to your environment since it glues into your current VLAN assignment methodology.

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This article provides a method of configuring Dynamic VLAN assignment on the EX Switch/SRX with standard Windows XP2 client and Steel Belted RADIUS (SBR).

This allows for dynamic VLAN assignment based on the RADIUS server's configuration.

VLAN Identification Number Assignments

Please refer to our documentation regarding Tagging Client VLANs with RADIUS Attributes for configuration specifics. In this recipe, you will configure MAC authentication bypass in a wired network with dynamic VLAN assignment.

The purpose of this recipe is to configure and demonstrate MAC address bypass with FortiAuthenticator, using a 3rd-party switch (EX) to confirm cross-vendor interoperability.

The recipe also demonstrates dynamic VLAN allocation without a supplicant.

Vlan assignment
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