Why a woman would choose either to keep or terminate an unwanted pregnancy

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Pregnancy: Unplanned Pregnancy – About Abortion

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An unwanted pregnancy can occur if a woman’s reproductive system is triggered when she does not plan or want to become pregnant. This can happen due to a variety of reasons, such as unprotected sex, rape, or a simple miscalculation in.

What is Unwanted Pregnancy: Symptoms, Causes, Diagnosis, and Treatment

Feit argues that within a short window of time after discovering an unplanned pregnancy — he has proposed a month, but thinks a week might even be more appropriate — a man should have the right to terminate his legal and financial obligations to the child.

An unwanted pregnancy can occur if a woman’s reproductive system is triggered when she does not plan or want to become pregnant. This can happen due to a variety of reasons, such as unprotected sex, rape, or a simple miscalculation in family planning techniques.

A woman may choose to terminate a pregnancy against the objections of the father. The legal reasoning for this is twofold, based on a woman's right to privacy in her medical decisions, and in the fact that the mother is more directly affected by pregnancy.

Why can a female decide to keep an unplanned/unwanted pregnancy without the males consent, making the male financially responsible? Does your question start from a premise where a woman seeks to terminate a pregnancy desirable a man?

this is for the good of the child, not the woman. It's either have the biological father support the. Argue whether you think women have the right to choose.

See what other people are saying. I think that it is a much more responsible decision to terminate a pregnancy, rather than to raise a child you know you cannot adequately provide for.

Yet they do it anyway. The woman becomes pregnant, and the man wants to keep the baby. The .

Why a woman would choose either to keep or terminate an unwanted pregnancy
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